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When you’re shopping for a car loan to finance a new vehicle, it can be overwhelming trying to understand all of the associated financial factors. How much to shell out for a down payment, how much tax and interest you’ll pay, and what your payments will come to each month are all elements that come into play when taking out a car loan in Canada. When trying to finalize a purchase, the last thing you want is a surprise when you see your monthly payment amount.

To explore financing options that make sense for you, try an online car loan calculator. These convenient online tools allow you to weigh the deciding factors when shopping for a deal that suits your lifestyle and budget. Knowing ahead of time how much to expect to pay on your auto financing makes the process smoother and much less intimidating. That means less time deciphering confusing financing terms and more time shopping for an exciting new ride you can afford.


What Is A Car Loan Calculator?

A car loan calculator is an online tool that allows you to enter amounts related to auto financing to receive estimates on your expected payments, whether monthly, weekly, or bi-weekly. By entering basic information on your financial picture, the car finance calculator will produce practical results on how much you can expect to pay over the life of your auto financing loan.

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LendingArch’s simple, easy-to-use car loan form is designed to empower Canadians shopping for car loans with practical, realistic information on how financing is calculated, even before they contact a dealer. Try it out and make predicting your financing future a lot clearer, with no unwanted surprises.



How Are Car Loan Quotes Calculated In Canada?

For most consumers, buying a car will require financing in the form of a loan. Few buyers have the cash on hand to pay for the total price outright, even with an existing trade-in. To buy a new or used car, most buyers turn to auto loan lenders for financing on their purchases. Auto loans generally function just like any personal loan. The creditor lends you the principal amount; in this case, the cost of the car. You then pay the creditor back over time via monthly installments, plus interest, until the loan is paid. However, there are factors specific to auto financing that should be accounted for when shopping for a loan. Using a car loan calculator is a handy way to easily do the tricky math of estimating the monthly payments you’ll pay on your loan.

Many details are weighed in calculating car loan quotes, most prominently the total vehicle price, including any sales taxes. Along with these basic elements, there are other issues specific to calculating auto loan quotes, including:

Interest Rates

The interest rate applied to your loan will be determined by a rate outlined during the pre-qualification process or based on estimated rates reflecting larger trends nationwide. Your credit history, as well as your income and other financial details, often factors into the rate you’ll receive from a lender. Rates can start as low as 0% for new vehicles and vary wildly among dealers who are always offering hot deals.

Loan Term

Auto loans most commonly have 36-month terms, but depending upon your lender and their assessment of your financial picture, your loan may come with a longer or shorter term. Using a loan calculator, you can easily see how extending or condensing the length of the loan can affect your monthly payment.

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It’s also important to know that auto loans are amortizing. Amortization means that the principal and interest are paid down (or amortized) in equal payments over the life of the loan. The monthly payments will remain the same, though the proportion of interest in relation to the principal will shift over the course of the loan. The car loan calculator will reflect this aspect of the loan in its determination of monthly payments.

Dealer Fees, Rebates, or Incentives

Auto dealers are always announcing special financing offers, including rebates or other incentives, to bring in customers. These may or may not be reflected in the amounts provided by a loan calculator. Keep any extra specifics in mind when weighing your payment plan!

A car loan payment calculator will help you understand how each of these factors affects the resulting payment rate. This will give you a clear picture of what to expect as you move forward in securing auto loan financing.

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What Factors Impact Your Car Loan Payments?

When determining car loan financing, financial institutions typically take into account several deciding factors. While every lender has their own criteria for weighing eligibility, these factors typically include:

Down Payment

How much are you immediately able to pay for a down payment upon purchase? This will have a direct impact on how your loan is calculated. The larger the down payment, the easier the subsequent payments will be on you over the life of the loan. This also includes the trade-in value of an existing vehicle. If you’re upgrading from a previously used car, its value will affect the loan amount you’ll require to finance a fresh ride.


Car Price

Unsurprisingly, the ticket price of your desired vehicle is a primary aspect determining how much you’ll need to borrow toward a new purchase. It’s important to note this amount also includes taxes and other fees associated with the purchase, which can typically add up to about 10% more than the basic price.

Vehicle Specifics

The kind of car, truck, SUV, or other vehicle you’re looking at will be a determining element in how much it will cost you. If you have your eyes on a stylish new ride, this can play into calculating your payments and terms. The model and style of a new car, or the existing mileage and age of a used car, are among the factors that will affect your monthly payments.


Financial Basics

Basic information related to your finances can also be a determining component in how your auto financing is calculated. Your employment (including your income and time at your current job) and details on your current residence may be assessed in determining your financial picture. These details help lenders understand and judge your ability to pay if approved for a loan.

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Credit History

Many financial institutions will look at your credit score first in assessing your eligibility for a loan. In most cases, your credit score and details of your credit history will be the deciding factor in how your loan will be calculated.


Why Should You Use A Car Loan Calculator?

When it comes to shopping for an auto loan, knowledge is power. With so many incentives and tempting offers available, it can be hard to know where to start your search.

That’s why a car loan calculator is such an invaluable tool. The car loan calculator will help you easily and quickly receive an estimate of all of the costs associated with your loan. You can experiment with parameters, such as the length of the loan term, to come up with a monthly payment plan that best accommodates your needs.

Based on the calculations provided, you can then proceed with confidence when seeking a financing plan that meets your individual needs. Customize your vehicle purchase and shop with confidence.


Car Loan Calculator: Tips For Getting The Best Deal

While a loan calculator can be an essential tool to getting a great deal, there are ways to further improve your results.

Keep Expectations Realistic

Obviously, the price of the vehicle to be purchased is likely the most significant factor in determining your loan payments. If the payments calculated are beyond your budget, ask yourself: Do I really need that slick, top-model SUV? Sometimes a bit of shopping around and research reveals a more modest ride will still do the trick. Or even better, look into a previously-owned vehicle. Reducing the price is the surest way to pay less!

Increase The Down Payment

If money’s tight, this might be easier said than done. But if you do have the cash on hand, putting more for a down payment can make a huge difference. Though it may sting now, a bigger down payment can significantly chop your monthly payments, which saves on interest over the life of the loan.


Think Long (or short) Term

A longer loan term will mean smaller monthly payments. But that also means more time that you’ll be paying off the debt with a greater amount of interest paid. So, ask yourself what your priorities are. Shortening the loan term as much as possible while still remaining within your manageable budget is always the best approach.

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Think Beyond Your Score

Many car loan calculators include a disclaimer that the calculated loan amount assumes good credit. Don’t be discouraged! Having bad credit doesn’t have to prevent you from securing an auto loan. At LendingArch, we specialize in connecting all buyers—even those with bad credit—with lenders who are ready to work toward a great deal on auto loan financing.


How Do I Use A Car Loan Calculator?

Using a car loan calculator is easy, stress-free, and accessible from the comfort of your own home. In a few quick steps, you’ll be on your way to connecting with lenders ready to get you behind the wheel.

– Get started. An online auto finance calculator is a straightforward, step-by-step form that’s simple to use without getting tripped up in complicated details. Best of all, you can get useful answers immediately to help you start planning for your vehicle purchase. There are many available online, but the general principle remains the same. However, it’s always wise to read any fine print before diving in!

– Paint a picture. The online calculator is meant to portray your entire financial picture, not just your credit score. Through most loan calculators, you provide your planned down payment, projected loan term length, and details on any trade-in of an existing vehicle, all without an invasive credit check that might leave a blemish on your credit history. These details are factored together to formulate an estimated monthly payment based principally on the provided terms.


– Explore your options. The car loan payment calculator will provide real results on what to expect for your car loan payments, including applicable interest. See how different amounts impact your monthly bottom line to make informed decisions going forward. An online car finance calculator often features sliders or other adjustable tools that allow you to instantly see how each factor affects the monthly price. Experiment with your results to find a budget that works for you!

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Once you know your monthly payment options, you can put that knowledge into action. Check out LendingArch’s online application to connect with lenders in your area who are ready to work with you.


Car Loan Calculator In Toronto Versus Vancouver?

The results car loan calculators give might not be applicable to every geographic area. For example, the results a buyer in Toronto receives might not match those of a buyer in Vancouver. The biggest reason for this is sales tax, which varies from province to province. Total sales tax rates (i.e., combined PST and GST, or HST) across Canada range from 15% in the Atlantic Provinces to a low 5% in Alberta and the northern regions.


The current sales tax rate in Ontario is 13% (HST), while British Columbia has a PST of 7% and a GST of 5%, for a combined 12%. That means buying the same vehicle in Ontario will have a slightly higher cost, even with the same base sticker price.

It’s also worth noting that many provinces have instituted rebate programs to encourage the purchasing of electric cars. These programs vary between provinces, so do some research if shopping for a climate-friendly vehicle.

Car Loan Calculators: Let LendingArch Take The Wheel

LendingArch is here to help you. Our specialty is in matching Canadians to the best lenders for financing approval, even drivers with imperfect credit histories. After you take an online loan calculator for a test drive, contact us to start planning your driving future today.

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