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The wide amount of credit scores that they service with high approval rates.

$ 15,000

12-60 Months
Bad to fair credit
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Great loan options, especially for homeowners. 

$ 50,000
6-120 Months
Fair to good credit
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The primary choice for those who don’t qualify with other lenders.

$ 10,000

12-60 Months
Poor credit

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Frequently Asked Questions

Because you will love the experience! We help our consumers save hours of time and frustration by finding a perfect match for them automatically. 

Most of our forms take only a minute or two to complete. Upon completion you will get a response in real-time and if pre-approved we will match you directly with someone who can help finish the process! 

We understand that sometimes everyone faces hardships. That doesn’t mean you should be rejected, so we do our best to provide all Canadians with options! Whether it’s good credit, or bad credit, we have solutions available. 

We connect Canadians with a variety of different financial products that they need. Whether it’s a personal loan, auto loan, mortgage, or anything else! If you’re looking for anything that’s not listed then send us a message and we will do our best to help. 

This entirely depends on the product that you are looking for. The requirement for a personal loan will vary compared to the necessary requirements for a mortgage refinance. Most of the information we require for all of our products is “top of mind” and you can answer without collecting documents. 

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Who are LendingArch

We are an independent price comparison site that has been helping Canadians find savings since 2015. We want to help you get better deals for your loans, your mortgages, insurance and basically anything you need for your financial security and life.