We're a new kind of online lending platform designed to help you reach your financial goals and most important life milestones

Who We Are

LendingArch is an ensemble of global entrepreneurs, business leaders, and tech experts that have set out to re-invent lending with an online platform that puts the borrower at the center of the equation.

That means we are always asking questions like, "How can we speed up the borrowing process?" "How can we make it easier and more human?" and, "How can we help borrowers achieve their financial goals?" As a result, we have one of the fastest, easiest loan process anywhere and extremely competitive rates.

What We Stand For

We stand for helping you grasp the abundant possibilities within your reach. And though we do that by providing loans, we believe those loans are just a temporary vehicle to get where you want to go in life – a place with less debt, not more.

We believe in helping you accomplish your goals, tackle your challenges, and juice your opportunities for all they’re worth. We believe in doing the heavy lifting and making the process easy and painless for you.

Most of all, though, we believe in you.

"We believe in doing the heavy lifting and making the process easy and painless for you."

Meet The Team

Arti Modi


Arti Modi is the visionary co-founder of LendingArch. She leads a team of global entrepreneurs, data scientists, futurists, credit managers, investment leaders, fintexperts, creatives and developers, who together built a platform that is so streetwise, it limits the banks involvement and accomplishes results for the consumer in a fraction of the time. Recently listed as one of Alberta’s Need to Know people.

Raj Singh


Co-Founder of LendingArch, Raj Singh’s expertise extends to the business development area and he has led various companies on cross-functional projects at a global level. From financial technology, to investment, media and entertainment, Raj has spearheaded, negotiated and structured the transactions of multi-million dollar assets. His savvy industry insights and analytical talent have elevated the value of multiple brands across alternate business channels.

Rick Unrau


Rick Unrau is Co-Founder of LendingArch and spearheads the financial strategy and operations of the brand. He brings a decorated 25 years of senior executive experience to LendingArch and a knowledge and wisdom that is hugely respected within the industry. His skillfully crafted project management tools ensure the brands he leads in their daily method of operation run with fiscal effectiveness. Rick has an expertise in monetization strategy, deal structure, business plan analysis and development.

Paul Hadzoglou


Paul Hadzoglou brings nearly 20 years of financial management, credit risk and underwriting experience to LendingArch. Paul is charged with leading and overseeing the LendingArch team, as well as overall responsibility of the credit risk function for the company. Prior to LendingArch, he worked with ATB Financial where he held senior finance roles supporting Corporate, Retail, and Small Business banking in addition to Strategy & Operations including growing company profitability and loan portfolio growth for MasterCard and other brands. He has his MBA in Finance from the University of Maine/Nova Southeastern University.

Pawel Suwala


Pawel is Chief Technology Officer at LendingArch. He is development leader and coding futurist who has engineered a back end system that seamlessly integrates a hyper-personalized customer experiences, with an evolutionary take on the financial eco-system. Pawel holds a Masters Degree in Software Engineering and Management and his core expertise is working with applications in the financial technology space.

Farhad Nabian

Credit Manager

Farhad joined LendingArch after spending over 5 years in financial services becoming a lead broker with a top Calgarian Foreign Exchange firm. Farhad brings to the team his extensive experience in Customer Service, Sales, Foreign Exchange and Corporate Security. In addition to professional experience, he also brings a volunteer resume which includes donating time to collect items and packages for the Food Bank.


LendingArch is on a mission to bring financial advancement to all. If you think outside the bank, we should talk.

Have Fun While Humanizing the Lending World

As you might expect from a millennial-centric company that’s changing the Canadian loan market, we don’t think like everyone else. Don’t think of bankers in suits, try whiteboard walls and ‘Go Fund Yourself’ baseball shirts. We are modernizing banking to accommodate a new generation of thinkers. We want you to join the family.

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