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Who we are

LendingArch gives customers choice. We help borrowers get a credit card, an auto loan or personal loan by allowing them to search for the right deal by searching all in one spot for credit card and personal loan providers. Using our intuitive “love score”, Canadians are able to enter their basic information into one application and within seconds be matched to cards and loans that they will most likely be accepted for, this reduces the risk of being rejected and having multiple hits on their credit report.

Our mission is to help Canadians find the best rates and see how they can save money.

We also help businesses navigate through the often overwhelming process of Canada’s small business lenders that have different lending criteria. Our passionate loan specialist team have done all the hard work and created one application on the LendingArch site that allows them to quickly show you the best small business lender that is looking to lend money to your type of business and criteria. And our team will help you through the whole process of application to funding.


  • Be the best site to help Canadians save money and find the best deals for all types of loans and financial decisions
  • Earn customer respect by giving Canadians what they want
  • Be the best way for our loan partners to find customers that meet their criteria and be a cost effective source of acquisition

LendingArch make finding the best online loans easy

We Want to Help You Save Time And Money

Our company mantra is to make Canadians feel good about saving their time and money when searching for some of the most important financials products in their lives. Whether you want to know about the best rewards credit card, apply for an auto loan, pay off your credit card debts or grow your business with a small business loan; we have over 40 trusted lenders that we have searched out and vetted for you. Not all lenders made the cut, we are careful about who we work with so you can build trust with us. Along the way, we know we can save you time and money and get you the rates you deserve.

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