Types of Online Loans Available at LendingArch

At LendingArch, we specialize in connecting borrowers to the best online lenders. With our streamlined, simplified online application process, we empower all Canadians to make smart borrowing choices, even subprime borrowers burdened with bad credit.

Whether you’re shopping for a new vehicle, making home improvements, looking to consolidate high-interest debt, or meet any of life’s many needs, we’ll connect you with lenders offering the best offers at the fairest rates. Let LendingArch help you transform life’s financial challenges into possibilities. Explore the many loan options we offer and start planning your future today.


LendingArch Online Loan Options Available To Canadians
LendingArch Online Loan Options Available To Canadians

Personal Online Loans: Reclaim Your Financial Fortunes

Life is full of opportunities, but sometimes the cash to seize those opportunities just isn’t there. We believe you shouldn’t have to turn down once-in-a-lifetime experiences for the sake of financial hurdles.

LendingArch’s personal loan application process lets you explore online loan options instantly, helping to simplify your finances and take back control of your financial future. Whatever reasons you might have for taking out a loan, LendingArch has options ready for you.

Credit card debts. Pay off those burdensome balances on credit cards that come with sky-high interest rates. Transfer existing balances to a new low-interest card from one of our many trustworthy lending partners.

Debt consolidation. Consolidate existing debts to a single, simplified loan. Not only can you save on interest rates, you can establish a manageable payment plan to start paying down balances toward getting debt-free.

Home improvement. Your home should be one of your greatest assets. Make much-needed repairs and renovations to fix up and beautify your home, increasing its value without the fees and headaches of a regular home equity line of credit.

For any reason you can imagine, we have a borrowing plan for you. Still weighing possibilities? Here are few more options to consider.

Secured vs. unsecured. With a secured loan, your existing assets can be used as collateral to open up new borrowing possibilities and find lower interest rates. Unsecured loans don’t require collateral (and usually have faster approval turnaround), but they may mean a higher interest rate. LendingArch helps you compare various choices to find a loan that works for you.

Guarantor loans. If you’re in need of a loan but wrestling with bad credit or low income, ease those concerns with a guarantor loan. If a friend, family, colleague, or other trusted individual with a solid credit history is willing to co-sign your loan (and accept any associated liability), you may be able to overcome that poor credit score to meet your needs—and start improving your positive credit history at the same time.

The Right Personal Loan Can Make Life Easier
The Right Personal Loan Can Make Life Easier

Car Loans: Hit the Road on the Right Path

Shopping for a new or previously-owned car, truck, or SUV can be the beginning of a thrilling adventure. Or it can mean spinning your wheels until you get stuck in confusing dealer terms, insurmountable interest rates, and rejected applications based on bad credit.

Let LendingArch take the wheel. We’ll connect you in seconds to reputable dealers and lenders ready to work with you, even with not-so-great credit. Our application process focuses on your actual financial situation and vehicle needs, not just your credit score. Leave the old ways of auto financing behind. Get pre-approved quickly and start test driving the ride of your dreams.

Business Online Loans: Realize Your Dreams

Many of us dream of owning our own business or taking an existing venture to the next level. Don’t let financial anxiety stand in the way of your business’s growth. Start putting that plan into action today with a business loan.

Small business loans. We’ll demystify the process and explain the terminology of small business loans, giving you the know-how needed to launch or accelerate your business. When you have a plan in place, we’ll connect you to lenders ready to give you a helping hand.

Equipment leasing and financing. Every great business venture requires the right tools. Use a business loan to finance the purchase of any tools and equipment necessary for your work. Claim them as assets and write off the amortization while paying off the costs in easy, regular installments. Start an application and we’ll take you through the steps needed to propel your business forward.

Credit Cards: Swipe Without Hesitation

Credit cards have become an essential part of our financial lives. The convenience of using plastic for online purchases, travel reservations, and much more makes them indispensable.

There are countless cards on the market offering a dizzying array of plans, deals, rewards, and fees. LendingArch sifts through them all to find the best cards with the fairest terms for your needs, whatever your priorities. We’ll help you understand the ins and outs of using credit cards to your advantage, clearing the confusion and saving you money.

Secured credit cards. If you have bad credit, you might think credit cards are your worst enemy. But, a secured credit card might be the first step toward improving your financial prospects in the long term. These cards require a deposit as collateral but can help you rebuild credit while making purchases. We’ll help you find the best one for your situation.

Travel credit cards. These cards can help you earn valuable points and rewards while shopping. Many also offer travel-focused coverage on rentals or airline reservations. Not sure which travel card is right for you? We’ll show you the best options with the best providers so you can start reaping the rewards today.

Balance transfer cards. Take advantage of promotional interest rates by shifting existing balances from high-interest cards to cards with fairer rates. LendingArch can point you to cards with the best offers, many offering low- or no-interest plans for six months or more, to ease the pain of crushing interest and to save you money.

Cash-back cards. Like travel cards, these cards help you earn bonus rewards through everyday spending. But, the sheer number of cash-back cards on the market can be baffling. We’ll connect you to the best offers and ease you through the application so you can get more out of your credit card usage and put your consumer power to work.

Click here to get started, and we’ll help find the loan best suited for you!

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