Agricultural Equipment Financing & Leasing in Canada


When you own a farm, there’s loads of machinery required to assist your farming needs. Without this machinery, the job would take a lot longer and would therefore cost more time – time your business simply doesn’t have!


agricultural equipment iconBenefits of Leasing Agricultural Equipment

There are many benefits to leasing your agricultural equipment from Lending Arch, including the main advantage of being able to upgrade your farming equipment to the latest range, mid-lease. Aside from this, you’ll be able make affordable payments and have the potential to claim your lease for tax purposes. Making leasing your agricultural equipment a smarter way to do business.


Benefits of Financing Your Agricultural Equipment

When you rely on LendingArch for your agricultural equipment financing, you’ll be able to own your farming equipment outright, once all payments have been made. Aside from this major benefit, you’ll have consistent repayments each week that won’t increase or decrease for the duration of your loan.


Why You Should Rely On LendingArch For Your Agricultural Equipment Loans

Unlike other agricultural equipment financing companies, we care about you and your needs first. We want to ensure you choose the right option to suit you, whether its a lease or finance option, we want to help you get the money for the farming equipment you need. Plus, we’re 100% online, which makes it easier for farmers living in rural areas, who simply don’t have the time to come into their nearest city or town.


Air DrillsAnimal FeedersATVBackhoe
Bale SplitterBalersBroadcast SeedersBulk Tanks
ChillcuringCombinesConveyor AnalyzerConveyor Belts
CultipackerCultivatorDairy EquipmentFarm rakes
Farm TrucksFarm WagonFeed GrinderFeed Grinders
Field SprayersFront-End LoaderGrain BinsGrain Handling
Grain VacsGrain WagonsHarrowsHarvesters
Hay RakesHay WagonsHydroponicsIrrigation Systems
Livestock EquipmentLivestock TrailerManure SpreadersMilking Machines
Milking PipelinesMowersMulch LayersNo-Till Drills
PlowsPost DriverScythesSeed Drills
Shear GrabSicklesSprayersTractors
TrailersTransplantersUTVYard Scraper
Anaesthetic MachineAnaesthetic VaporizerAnaesthesia CartAnaesthesia Machine
AspirationAutoclaveBlood AnalyzerC-Arm System
Cast SawCentrifugeCoagulation AnalyzerColposcopy Equipment
Computer EquipmentCPAP/HumidifierDefibrillatorDermatome
Diagnostic UltrasoundECG/EKGElectrosurgical UnitEndoscopy System
Exam LightExam TableFeeding PumpFetal Doppler
Fetal MonitorHospital BedInfant IncubatorInfant Warmer
Infusion PumpIV PoleLab EquipmentLab Microscope
Lab RefrigeratorLaryngoscopeNebulizerNerve Stimulator
Ophthalmic EquipmentOtoscope/OphthalmoscopeOxygen ConcentratorOxygen Cylinder
Patient ScalePatient WarmerGlucose MonitorPulse Oximeter
Sequential Compression DeviceSphygmomanometerSterilizerStretcher
Suction PumpSurgical HeadlampSurgical Light HeadSurgeon Microscope
Surgical TableThermometerTraction UnitVentilator
Vital Sign MonitorWheelchairX-Ray EquipmentX-Ray View Box

How it Works


Equipment specification

Make a list of an agricultural equipment you need in order to lease or/finance


Leasing or financing?

Next, take a time to understand if you want to finance or lease your equipment. Then apply with LendingArch!


Get funded

If you meet all the requirements, it takes only 48 hours to be approved for your leasing/financing. Be ready to receive your equipment right at your door!

Advantages of leasing or financing agricultural equipment

being able to upgrade your farming equipment

being able to make affordable payments

potential to claim your lease for tax purposes

affordable for farmers living in rural areas

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