How having terrible credit can HELP you get a Car Loan! Crazy but True!

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Banks and Lenders are now actively lending to people who have no credit, bad credit or low credit scores!

Don’t let the stress of having bad credit stop your life! Now, banks and lenders that we are partnered with, WILL GIVE YOU MONEY FOR A VEHICLE LOAN, EVEN IF YOU HAVE BAD CREDIT!

They won’t advertise it, they won’t actively search for you to lend to if you have bad credit or even are recovering from a bankruptcy, but through LendingArch, one of Canada’s top Online Car Loan platforms, you can get approved for that vehicle you need even if you have really bad credit! Crazy isn’t it!? Even we didn’t believe it! But it’s true. We have helped thousands of Canadians get into a vehicle that were in active bankruptcy or had low credit scores, and we are here now to tell you WE CAN HELP YOU GET A CAR LOAN TOO!

Don’t hold up your life because of low credit scores or active bankruptcy, apply now! We will get you approved for the vehicle you need to LIVE YOUR LIFE and take your mind off the stress of not having a vehicle. If you have at least $1800 monthly income, WE CAN HELP. Don’t wait at the bus stop anymore, don’t take public transport, stop spending money on Ubers and Taxis, stop asking friends and family for rides and get a VEHICLE NOW for you and your family! YOUR CREDIT SCORE DOESN’T MATTER!

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It’s the secret that dealerships don’t want to tell you—and why getting that perfect vehicle while fighting bad credit is far EASIER with this streamlined process.

Our free online service has hundreds of dealer partners across Canada. With specific access to lenders who will get you approved for a loan (even when most are unable to).

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These are the two requirements for the loan: you have been employed for at least 90 days and have an income of at least $1,800 monthly.

After a quick app, get approved for that car loan you NEED and we will have our specially selected dealer partners call you to get you driving today!

New Vehicle Owner Testimonials

I really recommend Lending Arch to every Canadians. I esd honrdtly really sceptical but they put me at ease and got me the loan I needed to get me my dream car. Highly recommended!!!

John H. Ottawa, Ontario November 25, 2019