New Lending Rules allow for Low Interest Refinancing for your Existing Car Loan

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Banks and Lenders are now actively lending to people who are locked into a high interest rate car loan, so they can lower their interest rate and save money!

Are you paying too much for your car loan? Did you know that a special financing program available exclusively through our online application process will give you access to low interest financing for your existing car loan so you can spend less and save more?!

Being locked into a high interest rate car loan can be stressful and unnecessary. All that money you are spending on interest can be saved, and you can spend less so that more money goes back into YOUR pocket! Through LendingArch, Canadas most popular online car loan application, we can approve you for your new , lower interest rate car loan and specially select the right lender for you to save that money right away!

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Banks and Lenders are actively searching for existing car owners to lend money to for a new or used vehicle at a lower rate. WE CAN HELP!

Don’t waste all that hard earned money on interest and fees every month when you don’t need to! Apply now! We will get you approved for a new car loan and SPEND LESS driving the vehicle you need to LIVE YOUR LIFE and take your mind off the stress of money going out of your pocket! If you have been employed for at least 90 days and make at least $1800 monthly income, WE CAN HELP. Don’t waste money anymore, instead, SAVE MONEY for that next family vacation, or buy something new for the house! Let us lower your interest rate on your existing car loan! We have helped thousands of Canadians to do the same!

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It’s the secret that banks won’t tell you. And why through LendingArch, we can help get you the best rate for you, even if the previous lender told you they couldn’t!

Our free online service has hundreds of dealer partners across Canada. With specific access to lenders who will get you approved for a lower interest loan (even when most are unable to). After a quick app, get approved for that car loan that’s MAKES SENSE and we will have our specially selected dealer partners call you to get you saving money today!

New Vehicle Owner Testimonials

I really recommend Lending Arch to every Canadians. I esd honrdtly really sceptical but they put me at ease and got me the loan I needed to get me my dream car. Highly recommended!!!

John H. Ottawa, Ontario November 25, 2019